The project work of the Global Pharma Health Fund (GPHF) is currently focussing on the GPHF-Minilab™ for rapid drug quality verification and easy falsified medicines detection.

The GPHF-Minilab™ is a mobile mini-laboratory that allows quick, reliable testing of 113 active pharmaceutical ingredients, showing whether or not the right drug in the right quantity is present in the appropriate single and fixed-dose combination products. The toolbox has been specifically designed for use in developing countries that are heavily affected by falsified medicines and are lacking the facilities for effective medicine testing.

The project work of the Global Pharma Health Fund promotes worldwide cooperation. Project sponsors and partners are large NGOs from the USA, for example the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) as implementer of the USAID programme "Promoting the Quality of Medicines Plus (PQM+)".

Support comes also from the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and faith-based organisations, for example, from the the medicines relief organisation action medeor, the protestant-based German Institute for Medical Mission (DIFAEM) and the 'German Doctors' established by Jesuits.

The project is managed by Richard W. O. Jähnke (MPharm, PhD), a qualified manufacturing pharmacist with a diploma in business administration. He coordinates GPHF-Minilab™ development and implementation, and responses to information and training requests.