The GPHF-Minilab™ - Ordering

Technologie Transfer Marburg (TTM) is the logistic partner of the Global Pharma Health Fund exclusively licensed and responsible for Minilab assembly, invoicing and shipment. Quotes for a standard Minilab including lab equipment, reference standards, reagents and test solutions for both, TLC and dye tests, can be obtained from them. Quotes may also include the costs for transport for each destination, however, the costs for clearance cannot be stated and must be investigated locally by the project itself.

For Minilab maintenance, global delivery of replacement items is secured through the same supply route. Minilabs can be customised to cater for specific project needs, for example using TLC equipment and reference standards for antimalarial drug quality verification only. Depending on the final specification, the price might then go up or down.

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For GPHF-Minilab™ orders contact:

Technologie Transfer Marburg
in die Dritte Welt e.V. (TTM)
Industriestrasse 10
35091 Coelbe, Germany
Phone: 0049-6421-87373-0
Fax: 0049-6421-87373-7