GPHF-Minilab® important part of international health assistance

In view of counterfeit medicines proliferation, a new textbook on the pharmaceutical management of national and international disasters and relief work discusses also the introduction of basic drug quality control in post-emergency drug supply of developing countries. Recently published by the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance and the appropriate medical society in Germany, the textbook dedicates a full chapter to the GPHF-Minilab®, a mobile mini-laboratory developed by the Global Pharma Health Fund for rapid drug quality verification and counterfeit medicines detection.

Based on ten years experience with more than 300 Minilabs in over 70 countries, the authors on pharmaceutical supply management for international relief and development assistance are delivering an informed update on current counterfeit medicines issues in developing countries and suggest the use of the GPHF-Minilab® for a more effective protection of healthcare facilities and members of the public in low-income countries.

The textbook comes in two volumes plus a compact disc loaded with reference literature and is an invitation to both, pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians, to have a closer look into this newly established field of pharmaceutical services for disaster management and relief work at home and internationally, for example the challenge of pandemia management in our global village.

An online version of the textbook can be found here.

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